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download handheld version (ARM processor, pocket-pc ©, Windows CE ©,ecc.)

Antitutor ppc version  1.7
Here you can download the files of the application .
  • First option
    1) Download package ppc_antitutor.zip (0 KB) and decompress files in a folder of your choice
    2) Make sure you have connected to your handheld and desktop computer to have launched the software Microsoft Activesync©.
    3) Start the application Antitutor_Setup.exe this folder and follow the instructions .
    4) If you want to install the software in a folder other than that default (eg. on SD-MMC card) answer "No" to the corresponding request.
    5) You can always uninstall the software using the operating system function.
  • Second option
    connect directly with the mobile Internet at the following internet address:
  • Third option
    download over the Internet directly via phone, obtaining the web address by following QRCode.

Latest changes:

Increased Tutor list,improved gps hooking after tutor events, minor corrections


  • 05/08/2009 Version 1.5: First official release
  • 30/08/2009 Version 1.6: Added checking backlight and power suspend, minor corrections
  • 15/10/2010 Version 1.7: Increased Tutor list,improved gps hooking after tutor events, minor corrections

download versione per iPhone™

Antitutor iPhone version  2.0

Third position in the Apple Store Travel Top List


apple store

Latest changes:

expanded Safety tutor list, minor corrections


  • 05/09/2009 Version 1.0: First official release
  • 18/11/2010 Version 2.0: Expanded Safety tutor list, minor corrections

© Copyright 2009 Andrea Pace - credits