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List of questions and answers on Antitutor

Is it legal??
Of course. Basically it is a GPS satellite receiver which simply compare its location with a list of locations of stores, providing alerts when you are near. The functionality of calculating the average speed is also used in other areas, eg. for determining the speed of the means of commercial road, for the statistical calculation to the time of arrival in a trip, etc.. The list of locations SICVE TUTOR is in the public domain (it is published, inter alia, on the site of the highways of Italy and on the website of the Italian State Police). This is, in effect, a tool that encourages the driver to be cautious. One way to ask motorists to moderate the pace within the limits and thus to prevent accidents. In this sense it is similar to notices of electronic speed control placed along the roads.

I can not start the pocket pc application
In some handhelds, requires the opening of a couple of seconds. If you obsessively repeats the command to start a block may result remediable although with the soft-reset

Windows Vista can not install the application for PocketPc, because ActiveSync needed.
Download the file. CAB and copy it to the memory of the handheld and then launching it in the handheld

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