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The application is simple.

Once installed (see the section on this download) must enter the maximum speed limit to be monitored and the COM port for access to GPS data (the latter only in the setting older systems( es <WM5 ppc 2003).

Pressing the START button starts the monitoring of speed Average.

AUTO Function
Preloaded in the system are the points of installation of the equipment SICVE Italian tutor, now known (june 2009).
However, you can add new items by pressing the SAVE button POS.
In this way, if you activate the "AUTO", the system is waiting for then automatically on the change in an area under the control of SICVE Tutor.

The following illustrate the various screens and functionality Program

Versione Pocket pc

schermata d'avvio

AUTO search activated
The equipment remains on hold and is activated by passing near an apparatus SICVE tutor

Speed within the limit
During the march within the default limit of average speed remains on a green led.

Lower down are shown the distance from the next portal tutors and the rate suggested for realigning than the maximum indicated, before passing on the next tutor. If the next Tutor is a distance greater than 2 km (1.24 miles) is shown the rate of realignment within 2 km (1.24 miles).

Exceeded the speed limit
Extends beyond the default limit of average speed is a red LED lights

It warns that the program calculates the distance the car until the next portal Sicve tutor present in the internal database but is not guaranteed for completeness of the list. To add positions Tutor missing you can use the functionality SAVEPOS. That said the only certainty in order to avoid penalties is made from the whole route up to a limit of average speed (green LED always on)

Log of observations of velocity
You can set it so that takes all the registered data on the monitored routes

Display map
The log of observations is returned in html format containing links for viewing on internet point on the map (Googlemap)
© Copyright 2009 Andrea Pace - credits