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List of questions and answers on FindMyCar

I can not start the pocket pc application
In some handhelds, requires the opening of a couple of seconds. If you obsessively repeats the command to start a block may result remediable although with the soft-reset

Windows Vista can not install the application for PocketPc, because ActiveSync needed.
Download the file. CAB and copy it to the memory of the handheld and then launching it in the handheld

For j2me phones given configuration is CLCD 1.0 MIDP 2. The application can run on MIDP 2.1 or CLCD 1.1 devices?
Certainly the requirements are quoted as a minimum. However, it is advisable to try the application directly on your mobile.

Accessing the googlemap with the [target View on map] menu, the zoom factor is limited to 16.

The application starts the system browser  by providing the URL parameters containing the coordinates. In some cases the googlemap's server  limits the ability to zoom. If so, need to do a little "hack" by manually editing the parameter of zoom (eg,. Switch "& z = 16" in "& z = 19"). Depending on geographical zone, zoom factor reaches up to 23

To take advantage of the new import feature where I can find the POI files..
If you have a list of places you can create it yourself by writing a simple text file in the format explained on the software help.
For example:
8.31164, 40.55844, restaurant on the ramparts Angedras
8.25503, 40.58423, Hotel dei Pini Alghero
9.73756, 40.69097, Porto Ainu bungalow
Alternatively ...
there are sites that offer free lists of points of interest of a variety
For example: http://www.poigps.com/ .

I uploaded a *. csv file onto device but I can not find it when using POI> favorites
Rename the file *. txt file and move it to the MyDocuments folder.

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