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Application is simple.

Once installed (see the section on this download) must enter the coordinates of the point to be searched and the COM port for access to GPS data (the latter only in the setting older systems (<WM5 eg. ppc 2003).

Press the START button will start the search.
Pressing the STOP button stops the search.
At startup or when the signal is poor or unreliable, then the direction indicator in shades of gray.
The indicator will became red when the data is of adequate precision.
To calculate the direction and show the exact alignment with the aim should be to cover a certain area (more or less long depending on the size of the GPS signal) in any direction so that the instrument can determine the speed and direction you are going and, consequently, show reliable results.

The following illustrate the various screens and program features


Pocket pc version

Initial screen

Signal not yet reliable
The indicator is shown in shades of gray

Reliable signal
Shows the direction to the target and the distance Meters from it.

Target on map
Through the internet connection you see on the map(googlemap) target position.
Discover the distance between your position and the geographic point at antipodes as follows.
1-Get position (Get pos)
2-Invert the sign of the latitude (eg. 43.564678 become -43.564678)
3-Subtract 180 to the value of longitude (eg. 13.5143 become -166.4857)
4-Press the Start button

Finally look at the map to your antipodes by choosing the menu "View target on map"

Android version

Use the built-in GPS in the phone.

OS version 1.5 and above

The features are almost the same as the version for pocketpc.

Excellent management of favorites.


J2me applications are installed on most phones Phones.

Prerequisite for the functioning of the program is that the mobile has support for JSR-82 (External bluetooth GPS receiver).

Once downloaded and installed the application just started and connect to the receiver; the features are almost the same as the version for pocketpc.

Copyright 2009 Andrea Pace - credits