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Master Degree in Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Marche.

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Implementation, configuration, protection of local networks.
Excellent knowledge of popular operating systems: Linux, Windows.
iPhone Application Developer.
Android Application Developer.

Good knowledge about major development environments, programming languages and technologies:
Desktop applications: Java, C, Visual Basic, Object Pascal (Delphi, Lazarus), C #, Mozart Oz.Mobile devices: J2ME, SuperWaba, EVB and EVC.
Scripting language: Python, Ruby, JavaScript, VBScript.
Web programming: HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, XML Schema, AJAX, RSS, CGI, PHP, JSP, Web Services, Semantic Web
Web server: Apache.
Servlet containers: Tomcat, Glassfish.
Webservice platform: Axis, Axis2, JWSDP.
Software engineering: UML modeling language.
Relational databases: MySQL, MSAccess.
Protocol for querying and modifying directory services: LDAP.
Software development platform for digital terrestrial MHP.
Authentication systems and encryption through the use of government smartcard (Electronic Identity Card and National Services Card)
Software development platform for digital terrestrial MHP.
Access to digital terrestrial by smartcard APDU commands.

Was one of the younger Italian software developer, with the application "Buchi" created at the age of 13 years, reviewed and published in the monthly magazine specialized "Il Mio computer" - May 1998 edition.

Andrea Pace

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