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download j2me phone version

ZipRss J2me version 1.1
Here you can download the installation files.


  • 10/01/2009 Version 1.1: First official release

download handheld version (ARM processor, pocket-pc ©, Windows CE ©,ecc.)

ZipRss ppc version  2.1
Here you can download the installation files.
  • First option
    1) Download package ppc_ziprss.zip (1391 KB) and decompress files in a Folder of your choice
    2) Make sure you have connected to your handheld and desktop computer to have launched the software Microsoft Activesync©.
    3) Start the application zipRSS_Setup.exe this folder and follow the instructions .
    4) If you want to install the software in a folder other than that default (eg. on SD-MMC card) answer "No" to the corresponding request.
    5) You can always uninstall the software using the operating system function.
  • Second option
    connect directly with the mobile Internet at the following internet address:
  • Third option
    download over the Internet directly via phone, obtaining the web address by following QRCode.

Latest changes:

Some changes "Touch oriented" , minor correction


  • 25/02/2009 Version 1.6: First official release
  • 01/10/2009 Version 1.7: Button to read titles added, minor bug fixed
  • 18/08/2010 Version 2.1: Some changes "Touch oriented" , minor correction

download Android version
ZipRss Android version 
Here you can download the main application installation..
Download via Internet directly with the phone, get the web address from the following QRCode. (downloadable only through Android phone) qrcode


  • 10/09/2009 Version 1.0: First official release
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