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ZipRSS system allows to receive, decompress and display RSS feeds previously compressed by our server.
This will greatly reduce the size of data packets transmitted and, consequently, the cost of data traffic.

Once installed the application (see the section download) you can begin receiving RSS.

Here we illustrate the various screens and features of the program


Pocket pc version

schermata d'avvio

Managing feeds URL
With this form you can add or delete feeds to download

Reading feeds
1) Select the provider of feeds in the combobox;
2) Press the go button;
3) If you already have an RSS downloaded before the program calls confirmation to repeat the download;
4) Select to read the feed (in Changeling)
At the bottom of the screen is detectable savings achieved (in the example data traffic was 12.6 instead of 123.4 Kb at a cost of 7.6 cents instead of 74 cents)

N.B.:The estimated costs are related to a data traffic charges amounted to 0.6 cents per Kb-

Edit Menu
Through this menu you can access various features and Settings of the program:
1) Handling URLs: to insert or delete new feeds providers;
2) ZipRSS on Web: to connect directly with your handheld to ZipRSS homepage;
3) Change Server url: to change the address of the server provides the service of compression feeds (currently our Server)
4) Import URLs from file: This menu item opens a window Opening files that will give the new file ziprss.xml Which import the new feeds providers
5) Input Kb cost: to tell the program the unit cost of data traffic ;
6) Change language: to change the language of the application. It should indicate a language file *. lng;
7) Reset Language: to return the original language (Italian).

J2me version

J2me applications are installed on most phones types. On mobile you can not install files configuration with the list of suppliers of feeds. Therefore, to add more feeds to those providers by default, it is necessary typing them directly on the phone.

Once downloaded and installed the application just started, click the Provider and download the RSS feeds .

Android Version

android phone
This version is for installation on the new Android operating system

Proceed to the installation by connecting directly with the android mobile market through the link provided in the download section.

Alternatively you can download the package in the archive file . zip, in this case should proceed to the manual installation.

Copyright 2008 Andrea Pace - credits