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With FindMyCar always find what you're looking for!!!

Innovative software for handheld device (pocket-pc, Windows© Mobile, ecc) that uses the GPS signal to show signs that allow to reach a geographic location.

Suitable for various uses (eg. find car parked in a parking area or in an unknown city, finding a person (who has sent their coordinates) in a lovely beach, in a fair, in another boat, find an area of sea fishing, etc..).

Shorter with this program you can:

  • store position and then retrieved at a later date
  • know how far you are away from target
  • know in what direction it is
  • take a picture referred to a geographical location
  • forward our position with sms
  • set the position transmitted (eg. the person we are looking for) with the copy-paste function
  • displayed on the map (via internet GoogleMap ™) location to be searched

Main screen example:

See sample movie

Case Studies:

© Copyright 2009 Andrea Pace - credits