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With ZipRSS up to 90% savings to receive RSS news!!!!

Innovative software that allows the reception of RSS feeds at low cost. The operation is as simple as effective.

  1. The application connects to our server and ask for the required feed;
  2. The server obtains the feed at the site that produces it;
  3. The server performs the compression of required feed;
  4. The feed is sent in response to cellular;
  5. The phone decompresses the feed and show it to the user.
Being composed almost entirely of text, RSS feeds allow optimum level of compression.

In addition, the server uses algorithms optimization preparing the feeds by removing redundant information such as. html tags, images, etc.., leaving unchanged since the text

In this way, data traffic has a very small and a significant savings for the receipt of RSS. Comparison of costs to receive an RSS feed
Description Traditional system ZipRSS system
Original size Kb 15 15
Package size data transmission Kb 15 4
cost of transmission 0.6 cents/Kb 90 cents
24 cents
savings rate % 0% 73.33 %
Note: the cost of transmission may vary depending on the conditions of your phone contract. In particular, the counting above refers to a data connection with charges by the amount of bytes downloaded.
Copyright 2008 Andrea Pace - credits